Tip 60: Bills To Pay

by shannon on January 15, 2013

If you are still paying your bills manually, there is a quick and easy 5-step process that you can implement for your 10-Minute Tidy bill paying session.

  1. Sort your mail. Your bills to pay should all end up in your active file folder so that you can quickly grab all your current bills that need to be paid.
  2. If necessary, balance your checkbook so that you determine how much money you have to pay the bills due soonest. This can also be done by referencing your online bank account to find out which checks and deposits may or may not have cleared yet.
  3. Pay all bills that you can. Be sure to record any that are set up on automatic payment.
  4. File all paperwork and statements. Be sure to start a new file for each category each year. This will make doing you taxes so much faster and easier.
  5. Celebrate your success! In 10 minutes or less you have paid and filed your bills.

When you are ready to make the transition, consider how much time, energy, and effort you would save by paying your bills online.

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