Tip 59: Set Up a Mailing Station

by shannon on January 8, 2013

Having envelopes that already have stamps and address labels on them makes mailing something super fast and easy. If you also keep extra stamps, envelopes, and return address labels in this same area, then anything you need to return becomes a much simpler process.

If you keep your checkbook in your mailing station, it is easy to quickly write a check and mail it. Gather whatever you would use on a regular basis and create your own mailing station. Perhaps this can be in a designated drawer. I have also used a desktop box as my mailing station. The Container Store has one made out of acrylic that is easy and affordable. Here’s the link for it: tinyurl.com/3mh2xwl. Easy and affordable is what you want so that you can set up a mailing station in 10 minutes or less!

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