Tip 56: Prioritize Tasks

by shannon on December 3, 2012

It is important to prioritize your tasks every day. Perhaps you will have a general list of office priorities such as:

  • Do what makes money now
  • Must do today
  • Very important
  • Not important
  • Pending

These could be your general guidelines and then every day you need to evaluate your things to do based on these 5 categories as your priorities. Then within each of these you may have several tasks that need to get done.

Remember that tasks are one-step items. Projects are multi-step processes that entail many tasks getting done in a particular order. When making your list of prioritization, be sure that you are specific about tasks you can accomplish today.

Take 10 minutes right now to first create your general categories that will most support you to function in your office most effectively. Then you can start to break down each category into tasks to accomplish today.

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