Tip 53: Process Mail Daily

by shannon on November 12, 2012

Do you look at your mail every day? Or does it just build up into an overwhelming pile? I want to encourage you to take 10 minutes each day to process the mail, except on Sundays because everyone deserves at least one day off!

So, how do you process your mail? Ideally you recycle or shred whatever you do not want immediately. That means looking at each piece of mail, opening it if you need to, and then recycling whatever you don’t need, shredding anything with important identifying information on it. The bills can be put in the bills to be paid folder or if they are automatically deducted, just take a moment to verify the amount and then file that bill right away. Any mail that will take more than a minute to read and take action on should be put in your active paper system.

Be sure to include reviewing children’s mail, paper work, and permission slips each day so that anything that needs to be signed goes back the next day and doesn’t get lost.

If it seems completely unrealistic that you would be able to look at your mail every day, then put the mail in a pretty basket or attractive container somewhere in your office, and then designate one night a week to go through the entire pile. Once you pay a bill, write on the stub that it was paid on that date, that way if someone else is filing it, it is clear that it has been paid.

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