Tip 52: E-mail Templates Save Time

by shannon on October 29, 2012

Creating an e-mail template will save you time and ensure that a consistent message is sent each time a certain request comes into your Inbox. Depending on the e-mail service you use, you can compose your message and save it in the Drafts folder. You can also create a signature for e-mail messages that always have the same content.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to create a User Template. Once you have composed your typical e-mail, you can choose any attachments that are usually sent with this message and then instead of sending the e-mail, go to File Save As and select Outlook Template. From here, you can name the template and save various ones for different requests.

When you are ready to use one of the templates you have created, just go to your Drafts, Signature, or Template folder in Outlook to save you the time, energy, and effort of composing a standard response message. Taking 10 minutes right now to compose a template could save you hours in the future.

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