Tip 47: What Can You Unsubscribe From?

by shannon on September 28, 2012

Some people subscribe to daily or weekly e-mail motivational messages, coupons, and special deals. Ask yourself how often you actually read these e-mails. You may want to consider creating organized bookmarks in your Web browser instead. You can create bookmark categories such as motivation/ inspiration, travel, deals/sales, etc. Then when you are actually seeking this information, you can find it online rather than it clogging up your e-mail account daily, weekly, or monthly.

I know that I too have subscribed to the weekly motivational e-mail list, only to become burdened and feeling like I should be more motivated, be marketing more, cooking fantastic healthy food more often, or be listening to recordings of amazing speakers. Be realistic about how much of this type of information you can actually take in and digest. At this point in my life, its unlikely that I will get to any of the e-mails that I just listed more than once a month.

Take 10 minutes right now to look at the e-mails you receive on a regular basis that you haven’t opened in the last week or month. If you would take the time right now to unsubscribe to 15 to 20 of these recurring e-mails, imagine how much less you would get in your inbox everyday. This one 10-minute tidy could be quite liberating and relieve e-mail overwhelm.

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