Get Tidy in 10 Minutes Interview

If you think you don’t have enough time to get organized, professional organizer Shannon McGinnis says all it takes is 10 minutes. By tackling clutter in short, 10-minute intervals and doing a little something every day, Shannon says you can develop good habits that will make a big dent in your mess. “Organizing is a habit, just like doing your laundry, washing dishes or paying the bills,” Shannon says.

Peter talks with Shannon, author of 10-Minute Tidy, about a few quick ways to get organized.

Tips for Getting Tidy
Relocate the trash can, recycling bin, shredder and file cabinet so they’re all within reach of your desk. “That will just make the whole entire [cleaning] process so much easier because you won’t have to get up,” Shannon says.
Photocopy all the important items in your wallet. “That will save you so much anxiety, stress and frustration if your wallet is ever stolen or lost,” she says.
Try Shannon’s one-plug vacuuming technique. Plug your vacuum into one central location in your home and vacuum only what you can reach from there, such as hallways, common areas and the centers of rooms. Doing this for 10 minutes will help you accomplish more than trying to vacuum every inch of your home, Shannon says.

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