No office organizing book by a Certified Professional Organizer would be complete without mentioning the merits of a label maker. I always have it with me when I meet with clients. Not only is it super easy to use, but it eliminates trying to read someone else’s hand written labels. Label makers are affordable, the fonts are easily adjustable, and I use it both at home and at the office.

Brother offers the best label maker options and a model to suit any home or office needs. Check out their P-touch label makers.

If you share your office with a coworker, spouse, or employee, labeling where specific items need to be returned to would make keeping the office tidy much easier for everyone. For example, when everyone knows where to find the stapler, it is faster to use the stapler and return it to its designated place.

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As with any move, the first thing to do is PURGE! Get rid of anything and everything that you don’t need, isn’t yours, doesn’t belong, or is outdated, etc. You can choose to sell, donate, or give your surplus to friends. Then you will be left with just the things that need to go into your new office. If you have been wanting to change some habits and procedures, a move is a great time to implement changes – purge those inefficient processes and bad habits along with the outdated software CDs!

With just the items that need to be moved remaining, it will be easier to determine how many boxes and what kind of moving materials you will need. is a great resource; you can get a whole kit of quality, clean, recycled boxes delivered. Or check your local craigslist for used boxes.

If you have furniture to move, it’s a great idea to make a to-scale outline of your new space, and then lay out the items you want to fit into your new space. You can easily arrange and rearrange on paper to get the perfect layout. See Tip 4 for on-line floor plan software solutions. Once you know the room layout, everything can be moved right into place and you won’t have to rearrange heavy pieces of furniture and find out things don’t fit the way you hoped they would.

If you can shut down your business completely for several days while you move, that is ideal. Many people do not have that luxury, so first you will want to pack up all the things that you don’t absolutely need to run your business in the time it is going to take you to move and get into your new space. Make sure to clearly label every box. Work with the minimum up to your moving day – saving your computer and whatever other items you need to have at your fingertips. Move these things immediately and get them set up first thing in your new space. This will ensure the least amount of productivity is lost. Unpacking should be fairly simple if you’ve already planned out where everything goes. You will likely find some improvements to the plan as you go, so be flexible as the reality of your new physical space unfolds.

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