Once you have your phone, pens, and message book in place, you can also create a system for following up on your phone calls. Perhaps it is at a specific time of day that you return calls: after accomplishing your top 5 things to do, when you know that it would be likely that you would be able to leave a voicemail for them, or when you have time in the car to call rather than waste precious time at your desk. Depending on the nature of the call, you need to decide when is the most productive time for you to return calls.

If you are returning business calls, obviously calling during business hours offers you the most likely time to get in touch with whoever called you. If you only need to reply to their message, calling at lunchtime or after hours offers you the best opportunity to just leave a voice message. Verizon offers the option of replying to a voicemail without having the other phone ring. This is a very efficient use of time when you are listening to your voicemail. It saves you from dialing them, or running the risk of having them answer when you just need to leave a brief reply message.

If you have clients or patients that you want to offer reminder calls as part of your business development, you can create a paper or electronic system to track client calls. One client developed a small recipe card box with the months of the year in it. Each month was divided into 4 weeks. She would create an index card for each client and move his or her card into the time period when it was best to contact the client for follow-up.

If you use an electronic calendar, you can create reminder notes for contacting clients. This would also be part of your time management 10-minute tidy: scheduling follow-up calls.

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It is so frustrating when you get an important business call and you can’t find what you need to write on. To make your life easier, and sound more professional on the phone, always keep pens and paper near your office phone. If you use a cordless or mobile phone, have the pens and paper near the base station or charger. If you tend to use lots of sticky notes for your phone messages, which then get lost, a phone message book with duplicate pages offers a simple solution for having all phone messages in one place.

When locating the phone, pens, and message book on your desk, consider which hand you answer the phone with and which hand you write with, so that each item is within easy reach.
I am often out and about when I get my business voice-mail messages, so I also carry a small notebook and pen in my purse. That way, when I am out of my office, all of my messages get written down in one place.

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