Time Management

by shannon on October 27, 2014

Whether you choose a paper or electronic calendar, it is so important to keep and maintain one calendar that incorporates both your business and personal activities.

At this point, the smartphone technology has become easier to learn and use, but for those of you who still appreciate the kinesthetic anchoring of writing things down, be sure that your calendar has adequate room to include both your own and your family’s appointments. For families who use a written calendar, Pam Socolow has created excellent family activity calendars for both the wall and on-the-go. The wall calendar is an all-in-one command center with pockets to keep invitations, contact sheets of important information, and stickers to make it fun for the young ones to be involved. Each day is divided into 5 colors so that it’s easy to keep track of the schedule for each family member.

What’s great about electronic calendars is that it is so easy to set up daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and reoccurring appointments. Internet based calendars allow multiple members of the work team or family to enter and edit information. This makes it easy to implement your 10-Minute Tidy tips if you have a reminder on your calendar that encourages you to maintain these new daily habits.

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Most disorganized, overwhelmed people I know want more balance in their lives. I believe that it is just as important to schedule time for self-care as it is to schedule all your business appointments. Remember to put both your business and personal appointments into your calendar so that you have a balance of both professional and restorative time in your schedule. All work and no play quickly leads to burnout.

Consider the idea of scheduling time for self-care as a means to greater productivity. If you are healthy, well rested, and happy, you will be much more effective at whatever you want to accomplish in your office. Having ‘productive’ time with your family could be just the motivator for improving your performance at work. Taking time off for vacation allows you to step back and have a different perspective on your work projects.

It is also important to give yourself enough time in between work appointments for going to the bathroom, eating, and travel. Be sure to be responsible in how much you try to schedule into one day. Keeping your schedule spacious supports you to be present and focused on the task you have chosen for that time-slot.

If you liked this tip, download the ebook today for only $2.99: http://www.10minutetidy.com/


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