Getting Started

by shannon on July 6, 2011

Most of us have not been taught how to handle all of the paper and electronic information that bombards us every day. My clients often feel embarrassed by their overwhelm, and are frustrated that they don’t know how to be more organized.

Take a deep breath, release your stress, and know that you now have quick, simple solutions right in front of you!

The 108 Tips in this book are written so that you can take just a couple of minutes to read one short tip and then have 10
minutes to implement that suggestion. That’s the beauty of this book: each 10-Minute Tidy tip focuses your attention on just one task at a time. Why? It has been proven that you are more productive when you are more focused. You will be amazed that you get more done in your office and spend less time doing it.

It is my intention that the following 108 Tips offer you fast, simple solutions for increasing your efficiency and productivity at the office. Take a look at the table of contents and see where you want to get started.

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