Active Papers – Paper Flow and Flood

by shannon on November 5, 2012

Yes, we are all inundated with papers. Every office I have ever been in has somewhere, even if it is hidden, a stash of papers to be dealt with. I keep mine in a covered box on my desk. I don’t have to see the papers, but I know they are there and each week I go through the box to see what needs to be prioritized.

I recommend both the inbox- whether it’s a box, basket, or tray-and the Active Files. Laura Leist, in her book Eliminate the Chaos at Work, calls this your Daily Action Center. Whatever you call yours, you need to distinguish where you will put papers in Your Daily Action Center: those to put in the inbox, those already sorted, and those needing to be acted upon.

Be sure to regularly, meaning daily or weekly, clear out your inbox so that you are not overwhelmed by the volume that continues to come in every day. The following chapter offers you 10-minute tidy tips on how to sort your inbox, process the active papers, and get things done.

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