10 Minute Tidy Tip 88: In the Trunk

by shannon on September 9, 2013

If you are using your car as a traveling office, in addition to the front seat being your primary grab and go location, you are also going to want to store your office materials in the trunk. Organizeyourride.com offers a variety of products that can be used to store cargo in your trunk.

A cargo organizer can hold groceries as well as samples or supplies that you might need while traveling for business. I recommend some type of trunk organizer for all types of vehicles so that whatever you are transporting stays contained. The cargo totes also fold and zip closed when not being used and when you have larger items to transport in your trunk. Having the right size portable container for items always stored in the trunk will make it easy to remove if you have to clear your trunk quickly on the way to the airport.

Again, like keeping your front seat organized, use the time it takes for your gas tank to fill to clean out your trunk. You would be amazed at what you might find in there.

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