10 Minute Tidy Tip 46: Regular Purging of E-mail Inbox

by shannon on July 2, 2012

In order to keep up with all that comes into your e-mail inbox, you must delete messages every day. First to go are those that ended up in your bulk or junk mail box. Quickly scan the list to see if there are any that really need to be read or replied to. If not, empty or purge this entire folder. You can also mark specific senders as spam so that their e-mails will be blocked in the future.

After clearing out your bulk or junk mailbox, go through your inbox and see which e-mails can be deleted right away. You may even need to do this in the morning and afternoon at work just so that your inbox doesn’t feel overwhelming. Taking 10 minutes to eliminate as much e-mail as possible will help you be more productive by having less distractions.

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