10 Minute Tidy Tip 45: What to Do with Old Electronics

by shannon on June 25, 2012

These days most people seem to be inundated with outdated electronics. You have many options as to what to do with electronic waste. If you want to try to reclaim some of your original investment, you can sell your old electronics on eBay or craigslist. There may also be local stores that will buy your used electronics.
If there is not much value, consider donating your items to a charity for a tax deduction. The Web site usedcomputer.com/nonprof.html offers a list of non-profits that accept computer donations, . Old cell phones can also be donated to recellular.com or recycle them at RecycleWirelessPhones.com.

The federal government offers eco-friendly disposal of electronic waste: epa.gov. Better yet, find local places that will recycle electronic waste. Ecology Action provides information on great ways to protect the environment: ecoact.org. If you are feeling really generous, offer your old electronics to someone in your local community by posting it on freecycle.com or craigslist.com.

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