10 Minute Tidy Tip 43: Conceal Cord Clutter

by shannon on June 11, 2012

Cords running on top of, across, or along the back of your desk are unsightly. There are many simple, affordable solutions to conceal cord clutter. If you have one power strip that has all the cords plugged into it, then you can route each electric cord to the power strip and keep them all concealed in a plastic wrap around tube made just for this purpose. Belkin makes a variety of cord concealers, depending on the location of your cords.

Also, if you are trying to keep all your gadget chargers and power plugs organized, consider labeling them so that if you need to unplug one, you don’t have to guess which one it is. For less than $5, you can purchase color-coded cord labels at organize.com [http://organize.com]. These labels make it easy for you to set up the most complicated equipment by simply matching colors. You won’t have to worry about plugging the right cord into the wrong jack ever again!

Labeling your cords is also really helpful if you have one charger that works for multiple electronics. I have a client that can use the same charger for his digital radio, digital voice recorder, and Blackberry. Labeling the chargers with which items it works with is just as important as labeling the extra chargers that you store so that you know which one goes with your phone, camera, or external hard drive. Take 10 minutes right now to create cord clarity:)

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