10 Minute Tidy Tip 36: Internet Bookmarks Save Time

by shannon on April 23, 2012

In addition to keeping your desktop organized, it is also important to have a system for organizing the Web sites you use. What do you do with all the Web sites that you want to refer back to? Creating a thorough bookmark index for both personal and professional interests will support you to find the Internet references you want to look at again.

I mention both personal and professional bookmarks because we often look up things for both categories on our computer. I have bookmark folders for business development and then folders within that such as: blogs, marketing, networking, and organizing solutions. Having many detailed folders and subfolders will help you to find the online resources that support you both at home and in your business.

Be sure to take 10 minutes right now to organize your bookmarks. There may be some that you can eliminate because a project is complete or there may be new folders to add as you develop new interests or projects.

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