10 Minute Tidy Tip 35: Set Up Online Automatic Backup

by shannon on April 16, 2012

Setting up an automatic online backup service ensures the safety of your electronic records. Several Web sites that other professional organizers recommend are:

mozy.com [http://mozy.com] dropbox.com [http://dropbox.com] carbonite.com [http://carbonite.com] crashplan.com [http://crashplan.com]

For simplicity, I will offer you the online backup service that I use and let you know why I choose to subscribe to mozy.com. I like Mozy because it is easy, affordable, and has excellent customer service when you have questions. Also, Mozy supports both Mac and PC users. Mozy also provides both home and business solutions. It is important to back up your computer to ensure the electronic integrity of your most precious files (photos, music, financial documents, etc) and Mozy makes it easy!

The other on-line backup services I recommend all have their own unique features and are also worth looking into. dropbox.com [http://dropbox.com] allows you to easily share common files and photos. What’s great about carbonite.com [http://carbonite.com] is that it offers unlimited data backup for one flat annual fee. crashplan.com [http://crashplan.com] offers free on-line backup for less than 10 GB of storage. So decide for yourself which online backup service to choose. What’s most important is that you back up your computer because you just never know what might happen. And, if you choose mozy.com [http://mozy.com], let Mozy know that I referred you and we both benefit:)

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