10 Minute Tidy Office: Your Computer

by shannon on March 12, 2012

Your computer is probably your most useful office tool and it also often takes up the primary work space. Maximize the use of your desk by looking into ways to maximize the area your computer already occupies. There are stands for the monitor that have trays and drawers to store items. There are also keyboard trays that lift up to reveal extra storage. When using a laptop regularly, be sure to have it on a stand or platform so that you reduce wrist stress, eye strain and neck tension. This also allows air to circulate under and around your laptop so it doesn’t overheat.

Changing your screen saver can also help you renew a stale relationship with your computer. One woman I work with has a new affirmation as her screen saver each day. That way she is reminded of what inspires her.

When your computer has electronic issues that you can’t fix yourself, consider trying these three solutions:
try an online help service
consider calling a local computer repair center
contact the Geek Squad whose agents are on a mission to return harmony to you and your computer: geeksquad.com [http://geeksquad.com] if you have a Mac, AppleCare is worth every penny

May your computer always run smoothly!

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