10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 95: Organize Your Job Search

by shannon on March 31, 2014

Searching for a new job can be quite a challenge. It could also be the beginning of something new and exciting. So that searching for a job doesn’t feel like a full time job, take 10 minutes right now to focus on one, just ONE, of these areas:

Review: what you have done, what would you ideally like to do, who do you know

Resume: write your resume and cover letter with a specific job, position, or contact person in mind

Research: research your job market online

Record: post your resume online; send it out to your contacts, record places you have applied to, and who to follow up with

Recruit: work with recruiters, job-search groups, and counselors, network with anyone and everyone you meet

Take time each day to make sure you are keeping organized with your job search. It will help you stay focused. Reward yourself for completing tasks in order to stay enthusiastic about this process. You are doing a good job!

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