10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 94: Travel Apps

by shannon on March 24, 2014

I love to travel! Since I have been traveling more lately, I have been using my smartphone as a resource to help me find the best travel deals, track my frequent flyer info, and check my flight status. Search by the type of phone you have to see what travel apps are available for you.

Consider all the pieces of paper printout you’d have for a business trip – flights, rental car, directions to the places you will visit. Now you can put them all on your smartphone through Tripit. Just e-mail your confirmations to tripit.com and they show up in the app!

I have an iPhone and I think FlightTrack is worth the $4.99. I wish I had had it on my phone recently as my flight was late. FlightTrack monitors your flights with real-time departure info, delays, and gate numbers at a glance. It also offers full international coverage meaning you can track all your flights worldwide. This app also updates you on cancellations and will help you find an alternate flight.

Skype isn’t just for travelers, but it’s worth mentioning here for anyone who makes long distance calls on a regular basis. Whether it’s for business or personal, Skype is a great feature for your computer and smart phone.

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