10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 84: Kids’ Computer Use

by shannon on August 5, 2013

Even young children are familiar with computers these days and allowing them their independence to use the computer as well as carefully monitoring what they do on the computer is a fine balance. There are a wide variety of ways you can have Internet filters on your family computer. One that seems to have a wide range of features and accommodates children of different ages is Net Nanny for Mac: netnanny.com.

According to their website, if you have several children, you can set different criteria corresponding to their age or maturity.

You can choose whether they have access to newsgroups, e-mail, or whether they can download files or not. You can set the program to let them only use the Internet at certain times and on certain days. You can also choose to block or allow specific websites, allow users only to use selected applications, and block access to specific types of content, such as streaming media or peer-to-peer file transfers.

This Internet safety software for Mac can even send you an automatic e-mail when certain events occur. One parent I know gets an e-mail any time her child sends or receives an e-mail. This really helps her keep track of what her child is doing on the Internet. Although you may never have to use all of its features, isn’t it comforting to know that you could if you needed to?

It is also important for children to not lose sight of the fact that they are in school to learn and that they need to read their textbooks and write in their workbooks, in addition to using the computer. I recommend keeping a laptop on a placemat or something that easily slides out of the way when the children need to focus on the content of their textbooks and workbooks. Therefore, having space for a computer as well as a clear space for notebooks and textbooks is an important reason to maintain a clear desktop.

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