10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 74: Scanning: The Paperless Solution

by shannon on April 29, 2013

Scanning your reference documents, business cards, receipts, and files will allow you to transition to a paperless office. The benefits of going paperless are huge in the reduction of clutter and can sometimes save you money as companies reduce their environmental impact.

There are two scanners that most professional organizers recommend to their small business clients. Fugitsu offers both desktop and portable scanners. The Fugitsu ScanSnap allows both PC and Mac users tools to be productive and paperless. The Neat Company, most well known for their NeatReceipts scanner, also offers desktop and portable scanners for Mac and PC users. Whichever scanner you choose to support your office transition to paperless, I recommend using one first to see which make and model best suits your needs.

Be sure to check with your CPA or Enrolled Agent as to what documents are best kept on paper for tax purposes and which documents are acceptable to the IRS electronically.

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