10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 72: Business Contacts, Business Cards

by shannon on April 15, 2013

How do you keep your address book up to date? I have the most recent people I have contacted on my cell phone that syncs with my electronic contact database. I also have a book of business cards that I reference regularly and give those cards to people who I am referring services to. And then there is the old Rolodex. Are you still using one?

As much as possible, I would recommend keeping your address book electronically. That way it is easy to update, easy to reference if you have a smart phone, and easy to search by category if you save your business contacts in different groups. You may have clients, suppliers, or groups depending on the event where you connected with that person or business. Creating categories in your address book will make it easier to use for marketing, sales, or announcements you might want to send out to groups.

If you receive correspondence in the mail, consider referencing or tearing off the return address and then comparing it to the what you have in your address book to make sure you have the most current address for that person or business. This can also be done with e-mail signatures. Just copy and paste their information into your address book and, voila, you are up to date.

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