10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 71: Streamlining Tax Filing

by shannon on April 8, 2013

Most people I know find even the subject of taxes stressful. I want you to know that if you keep your tax related papers organized, doing your taxes will be much easier, whether you prepare your own taxes or take them to a CPA or Enrolled Agent. Tip 75: What to Keep, What to Shred gives you some basic guidelines on which papers you need to keep for tax purposes. You will also want to either look at last year’s taxes or contact your tax person to get a more personalized list of papers you need as tax supportive documents.

Once you have your list, you will need a system for filing these papers until you need to calculate your taxes. First, I would recommend that you keep an Active file called Taxes and the year, i.e., Taxes 2011. Then you can have more specific files either within that file or in your reference files in the file cabinet for Personal, Business, and Joint Taxes depending on how you record your taxes.

There are also specific suggestions on ways to keep your receipts in Tip 61. Once you set up an easy way for you to keep your tax papers together, it’s easy to reuse this system year after year. Take time right now to create a way to streamline your tax filing process.

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