10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 65: Other Visual Reminders

by shannon on February 18, 2013

There is a fine line between how many visual reminders you need to have all around you and what starts to become clutter.

Take 10 minutes right now to evaluate what you have up on the walls of your office. Do you use it? If it is decorative, do you love it? How does it make you feel? Uplifting images around you are fine but too many and it starts to make your office space feel small. Also, if you have reference materials up on the walls, do you really need them there or could they be stored on your computer or in a file?

If you like to have visual reminders up on the walls in your office, consider using the 3 in 1 magnetic dry erase board. This board creatively combines a magnetic message board with a calendar and cork board to provide you with various organizing options. Here’s the link if you want to see it: organize.com/3in1board.html.


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