10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 64: Sticky Notes

by shannon on February 11, 2013

Sticky notes can be a fantastic tool for brightly colored, easy reference and they can also be a problem when they either stack up, float away, or become so numerous that you can no longer see which ones may still be current and important. Now, I am not saying, “don’t use sticky notes,” as I use them every day. I just want to be able to offer you some ideas on how to use them to increase your productivity rather than create clutter. Be sure to recycle your completed sticky notes as soon as you have accomplished the task, returned the call, or entered the information into your database.

One way to creatively use sticky notes is to have specific sizes or colors for particular tasks. Maybe the hot pink ones are for your list of priorities for the day or maybe you choose yellow lined ones for your Top 5 Things to Do Today daily lists. I want to encourage you to have some type of system for the sticky notes you use all the time.

A professional organizer created the greatest use of sticky notes I have ever seen. She offers 8 options for sticky note planning systems. Each layout offers different numbers of columns to suit your planning needs and each one comes with 6 pads of brilliant colored sticky notes. Look at her options online: planetsafeplanners.com.


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