10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 31: Use A Cordless Phone and Headset

by shannon on March 5, 2012

A cordless phone and headset make talking on the phone easier while simultaneously getting things done. If you are cordless while on the phone, you can grab the client’s file or write notes about the conversation more easily because you have both hands free. There are now phones that will also wirelessly transfer from your landline to your cell phone if you need to leave your office while you are on a call.

Xcelis Communications offers the Pantheon phone which attaches to any single-line landline telephone and, in addition to placing and receiving landline calls, uses Bluetooth connectivity to route outgoing and incoming voice-calls and data from the users’ mobile phone to a traditional landline phone. This type of technology might really help you stay professional on the phone while on-the-go.

If you are on the phone all day long for business, take the time today to see how upgrading the connection between your office phone, your cell phone, and a cordless headset or earpiece could benefit you. It will not only allow you to have your hands free, it will also save your arm, neck, and shoulders from the strain of holding the phone all day.

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