10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 27: Look Around: What Works Well For You?

by shannon on August 4, 2014

Most often, new clients want to tell me about all the things that aren’t working for them in their office. Today’s tip has you focus on what IS working. Do you like where your desk is located? My desk is in a bright, sunny bay window looking out onto my back yard. Could you relocate your desk so that you like working there even more?

What else works well for you? Is your phone easily accessible and always ready? Do you have plants, flowers, or decorations that uplift your spirit? The idea is to not do anything but to really look at your office space objectively. Focus on the good stuff. Visualize what your dream office space would be like and see how you can bring in aspects of that to your current office.

Perhaps you cannot currently relocate your office to a seaside, Mediterranean view, but you could put up a framed photo of that view to seek inspiration from. Even if you work in a drab, gray cubicle, you can have large, beautiful scenery photos arranged to look like windows. Plants and photos remind you of life outside your office. It is important to surround yourself with a well functioning and aesthetically pleasing office space.

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