10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 26: Designated Time for Filing

by shannon on August 11, 2014

Having a daily or weekly time for filing is more important than you may realize. Usually, if you are filing regularly, the papers that need to be filed are active, current work. When you work with multiple current clients, their papers need to get back into their folders so that they are not lost in the shuffle. Imagine how embarrassing and unprofessional you appear when you can’t find their papers when they call or drop by your office.

The same is true for incoming mail. It’s important to file the bills and invoices to be paid promptly; otherwise you may incur late fees or other consequences.

If your files drawers are too full, they will need to be purged or more file cabinets may need to be purchased so that there is plenty of space to easily file a piece of paper, a report, or a new file folder. Once you develop the habit of filing regularly, it truly is much easier to maintain.

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