10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 25: Designated Time for Reading

by shannon on August 18, 2014

Can you take just 10 minutes to be quiet and read something while you are in your office?
It seems like we rarely read while at our desks, but it is important to keep up with reports, new ideas and concepts, and our own professional development. If 10 minutes a day isn’t enough time for you to stay current with the reading materials that come into your office, you are not alone. Take this time to schedule blocks of time where you are uninterrupted and can read to catch up with whatever seems most relevant.

I worked with one work-from-home mom who had all her reading material on a shelf above her desk and she was never catching up with what came in. We created a box of all the reading material she decided she really wanted to get to and she put the box in her bathroom, because at least there she was more likely to get uninterrupted reading time!

Do whatever it takes for you to create designated time to read. Just be sure to be realistic about how much you can catch up on. It’s probably unrealistic that you will be able to catch up on more than a couple of months of reading material. More is always arriving!

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