10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 24: Schedule Time for Professional Development

by shannon on August 25, 2014

Life is an ongoing process and it’s fun to learn new things. Be sure to schedule time for your own professional development. Whether your profession requires you to take continuing education classes or not, it’s great to attend seminars and conferences. Being out of your office and interacting with others in your field will expand your capacity for personal growth, as well as cultivate your business.

One of my favorite types of professional development is the annual conference I attend with other professional organizers. We get to come together, attend seminars where we learn about new ways to develop ourselves and our services, and see new organizing products we can offer our clients. I always leave each conference renewed and motivated to continue to develop myself professionally.

I understand that professional development takes more than 10 minutes. Our professional organizing conferences are all day events. Just take this 10-minute time period to inquire about a professional development opportunity. Perhaps you can also make travel arrangements now.

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