10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 22: Making Phone Calls

by shannon on September 8, 2014

Phone calls can be interruptive to your workflow. They are also often very necessary and important. Here are some suggestions for being more efficient on the phone:
1. Have a phone message book, ideally with duplicate pages
2. Get all relevant info first: name, phone number, date, issue, or subject of call
3. Have a “cheat sheet” next to phone log with standard questions for clients so that you are directing the flow of the conversation rather than them taking too long to tell their story
4. Tell them up front how long you have for the phone call, i.e., 1 minute, 5 minutes
5. Be sure it is clear before ending the call who will be calling whom next with what information, i.e., What is the follow up?

In general, it may be easier to manage your workflow by calling people closer to lunchtime if you only need to leave a message. Try calling them later in the day if you think they’ll need time to think about their response overnight, or to gather the information you are requesting.

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