10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 20: Automatic Bill Pay

by shannon on September 22, 2014

Paying regular bills automatically is the ultimate time saver. Not only is it very safe and secure to do online now, it saves you on checks, stamps, and time. Depending on your monthly cash flow, you can either try to have all bills due on the same date or to group them so that they are due in two batches each month.

Take the time today to call about one of your recurring bills and set up automatic bill pay. It may take you 10 minutes now but save you hours of extra time and hassle later. You can also decide to transition to paperless bills while you have the customer service representative on the phone.

You can also choose to prepay smaller bills, like subscriptions, for a year or two in advance so that you have fewer monthly deductions. A bill-paying service may be a better solution for you if you travel often or have lots of bills. These services receive your bills and notify you when each is due. Paytrust.com and most major banks will provide this type of service.

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