10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 103: Greeting Cards

by shannon on May 26, 2014

Depending on what type of work you do in your office, more than likely you will have a few greeting cards on hand for the important thank you or birthday card that needs to be sent. Some people love to buy cards, then don’t create a proper way to store them so that they are easy to select when you need to send a card right away. I would recommend only keeping what seems to you like a reasonable amount of stationery.

How many cards do you realistically send in a year? I had one client who had boxes and boxes of cards, both waiting to be sent and those that she had kept for years. Let’s talk about the first category. It’s seems fine to have a variety of thank you cards on hand for both business and personal use. And the occasional birthday and sympathy card is also good for when the circumstances arise. But having more than what you need for six months to a year seems like too much. Consider donating the excess cards you have bought but never sent. Someone else would probably love to use your surplus greeting cards.

Now, for the cards that you have received, ask yourself why are you saving them? If it is for sentimental reasons, then where are you going to keep them? Perhaps you can designate a specific box, bin, or basket for the cards you really feel attached to and recycle the rest. Also, once your chosen container is full, this is your threshold and perhaps it is time to let go of some of those cards way down on the bottom.

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