10 Minute Tidy Office Tip 102: Photos

by shannon on May 20, 2014

Do you procrastinate about transferring photos from your camera to your computer? Like all organizing projects, this takes time but is rewarding in the end. Create new folders on your computer or on the Internet for each event that you take photos of. Whether it’s a wedding or birthday party, the photos will be easier to find by the name of the event and the date.

For business photos, be sure to save the same photo in several folders if you can use it for various purposes such as media, PR, or advertising. I use the same photo on my book cover and my website as a branding practice. Also, photos you took on a hiking trip may be used in your blog or on your website. When transferring your photos from your camera to your computer, be sure to think about the big picture and create files so that you can easily find those photos again.

For printed photos, choose acid free photo boxes and determine how you want to store your photos. I work on photo projects chronologically, by vacation or event, or by holiday. For example I have a Christmas card photo box and album. This is a great way to store the cards, letters, and photos you may have received from friends and family over the years.

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