10 Minute Office Tidy Tip 89: Many Versions of the Briefcase

by shannon on September 16, 2013

When traveling with a laptop, it’s important to choose a bag that both protects your laptop and your body. Therefore selecting a briefcase, cross body bag, or rolling briefcase that best suits your needs is worth the investment. Take the time right now to evaluate what you have been using, what you do and don’t like about your current bag, and what features would improve it.

I need a bag that is not going to weigh on my shoulders and has lots of pockets so that I can easily find whatever I need quickly. I have a different bag for when I fly than for when I am giving local presentations. When traveling long distances, I like to either use a rolling bag or a backpack. Which is best for you?

As a Professional Organizer, I like to recommend products created and designed by other Professional Organizers who know what clients need to stay organized. When I am staying close to home, I use the Lifestyle File Tote designed by Jamie Raquel to transport my active client files and any pertinent resources that I may want when I visit them. These stylish file boxes come in a variety of colors, have sturdy straps, and convenient inside pockets for your keys, phone, business cards, and pens. Visit jamieraquel.com to see if this is a portable office solution for you. If you decide you want one of these awesome bags, use my affiliate code: AF-POSMC to save 10%!

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