10 Minute Office Tidy Tip 86: Art Supplies

by shannon on August 19, 2013

Kids and adults of any age often have lots of art supplies. The more art supplies your family has, the trickier it can be to store them all neatly. Cabinets and closets with lots of cubbies and shelves allow for a variety of different materials to be stored neatly.

Paper of various shapes, sizes and colors can be stored flat on a shelf. Markers, paints, and brushes can each be stored in their own cups, cans, or containers so that all like items stay together. There are so many colorful organizing solutions available to choose from online. The Land of Nod offers a huge selection of organizing solutions for children of all ages: landofnod.com/kids-storage-and-shelving.

Be sure to teach kids to be responsible about cleaning up their art supplies on their own. This way they learn to clean paintbrushes so that they are usable next time, put the caps on the markers and paints so that they stay fresh, and have the paper lay flat neatly so that it doesn’t get bent. This teaches them to be organized as well as independent.

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