10 Minute Office Tidy Tip 83: Kids’ Desks

by shannon on July 29, 2013

Most kids need their own desks just as adults do. Depending on the age of the child, they may just need a place for paper and art supplies. Younger children often have a kid-size table where they can draw and color. Once they are big enough to sit in a regular chair, they may do art projects at the kitchen counter or dining room table. As they become more independent, they will probably want their own desk.

Having a desk allows each child his or her own creative space to draw, write, and do homework. Once kids start having homework, they need a desk that is the right size for their body, where they can sit and write comfortably so a chair that is adjustable allows them room to grow. As they get older, children would benefit from more drawers and cubbies to put their supplies away.

A large, clear desktop will also allow them room to spread out their books, notebooks, reference materials, and computer if necessary. Based on the desk size and location, create a strategy around where each kid can keep their stuff as they work from day to day on homework. Be sure that they develop the habit of clearing off their desk surface each evening so that they have everything they need already in their backpacks before going to bed.

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