10 Minute Office Tidy Tip 78: 5 More Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

by shannon on June 10, 2013

So, you have shredded the documents you no longer need to keep and you have securely stored your very important documents. Now it is time to think proactively and prevent your sensitive information from being used maliciously. Here are 5 other recommendations to consider:

  • Next time you order checks, only use your initials instead of your first name.
  • Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Put “Photo ID required” instead.
  • When writing checks to pay bills, do not put the complete account number on the memo line. Just put the last four numbers instead.
  • Never print your Social Security number on any checks or other documents.
  • Photocopy all the cards in your wallet, back and front, and keep the photocopies in a safe place.

May your identity always be safe and secure!

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