10 Minute Office Tidy: The Portable Office

by shannon on August 26, 2013

Having smartphones, iPads and/or laptops makes it so much easier to stay connected to your business when you are traveling. Even if you are not out of town, it is still important to keep pen and paper in your car, purse, or briefcase as it is sometimes still faster to write down notes and then transfer the relevant information to your electronic equipment later.

Google Docs also offers a secure way for you to access your documents from any electronic device with an Internet connection. When using an unencrypted wireless connection or some other network you don’t really trust, remember to use instead of https://docs.google.com. The extra ‘s’ means ‘secure’; all traffic is encrypted. The only downside is it’s a little bit slower.

Also, when you use someone else’s computer at work or at an Internet cafe or hotel, don’t forget to log out of your Google account or any other accounts you may have opened while on another computer. Be sure when logging in to remove the check mark if the “remember my password” box is automatically populated. If you do need to access documents on your home computer,

GoToMyPc.com offers remote access for Mac and PC users which can be a wonderful option when traveling.

Be sure to conceal your cell phone, laptop, and personal items if you are storing them in your car. It is important to secure them and keep them out of site to prevent break-ins. Consider locking your portable office components in your trunk when you are not in your car.

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