10 Minute Office Tidy: Reception Area and Supply Cabinets

by shannon on June 24, 2013

The basic idea of organization is to group like items together.

In the reception area, gather all the magazines together so that you can determine exactly how many you have. Store magazines in easy to use magazine racks, recycle outdated ones, and be sure to keep only as many as the magazine rack will contain.

Be selective about the artwork that is displayed and how much business material is relevant to the reception area. Be careful not to display too many decorative items that would make this area appear crowded. Plants also affect the appearance of a reception area. Compost any dying or neglected plants and replace with vibrant ones.

Beware of bulk purchases that won’t fit in supply cabinets. Again the idea is to only have what will easily fit in the designated space and to group like items together. Magnetic erasable labels attach easily to metal shelving and bins so that everyone who uses the supply cabinet can find and return extra office supplies. Many online retailers also offer slip on solid shelf dividers that keep stacks uprights and supplies separated.

In both the reception area and supply cabinets, be sure it is brightly lit and replace dim or burnt out light bulbs so that items are easy to see. Store cleaning supplies discreetly and be sure both of these areas are welcoming.

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