10 Minute Office Tidy: Office Areas for Kids

by shannon on July 22, 2013

The “office” in a private home may be used by children of all ages and their needs are very different. Robin needed help organizing office areas at home for each of her four children.

This chapter is dedicated to families with children and their office needs when shared in the home.

It is important to look at both the big picture of what each child needs right now as well as look into the future and see what each child may need as they mature. Children of all ages may need adult supervision, whether it’s to use the glue and scissors or to monitor what they are doing on the computer. So, incorporating some place where the parent or babysitter can work as well may be necessary.

A home with an open floor plan may be a great solution to have different work stations all within sight and ear shot of the kitchen so that whoever needs the most supervision could be working at a desk built into the kitchen counter while others were working at the dining room table. It may also be important to have enough separation between the kids so that they do not distract each other. Ahh, so many factors to consider! The following tips offer you office solutions for children of all ages.

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